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“We use Slick-Pak in our plaster right in the cement truck, and then we plaster the finish coat with a big rig. Slick-Pak makes it pump and trowel better. One Slick-Pak pouch in 8 bags – I need nothing else. The trowelers and finishers love it, and there are no plug ups. Plus it helps clean the equipment at the end.”

— Danny Thayer
Aladdin Pool & Spa, Inc.

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Slick-Pak: The Original Concrete Pump Primer

Slick-Pak is the #1 selling concrete pump primer in the world. It is easy to use, safe to handle, and priced affordably.

Super Air Plus: Air Entraining Agent

Super Air Plus is an air entraining agent designed for job-site addition. Packaged in small, water-soluble bags, Super Air Plus is easy to add directly to ready-mix trucks to increase the air content in order to meet specification.

Fill Flow: Flowable Fill Admixture

Fritz-Pak Fill Flow, our admixture for producing flowable fill, dramatically increases air content and flowability. It has grown tremendously in popularity, even during the recession. The reason for this is two-fold: the use of flowable fill is increasing in the industry, and Fill Flow has technical advantages over competing products. Fill Flow entrains more air, is more predictable, and is easier to use than other admixtures.



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