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Product Bulletin #108

Applicable Standards
This product meets the following specifications:
  • ASTM C-494 Type F
  • AASHTO M-194
  • CRD C-87

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Supercizer 1

Category: Superplasticizers


Produces stronger, more durable concrete.


  • Up to 20% water reduction or 6" slump increase.
  • Slump control at the job site without adding water.
  • Higher early and ultimate strengths.
  • Improves concrete workability with no loss in strength.
  • Addition of Supercizer 1 will not affect the water-cement ratio.
  • Higher strengths may be achieved more economically.
  • Improves cohesiveness and reduces concrete segregation.
  • Produces concrete with lower permeability.
  • Concrete achieves higher durability.
  • Allows concrete placement in difficult access or heavily reinforced areas.
  • No need for admixture dispensers because Supercizer 1 is packaged in a patented water soluble Fritz-Pak inner bag for convenient use at the plant or job site.


Fritz-Pak Supercizer 1 is a dry powdered admixture, packaged in a patented ready-to-use, water soluble bag. Supercizer 1 is formulated to produce stronger, more durable concrete. As a slump enhancer, Supercizer 1 may be added with the normal amount of mix water to produce more flowable concrete with up to a 6 inch (15 centimeter) slump increase. When used as a high range water reducer, Supercizer 1 will increase concrete compressive strength at all ages, reduce permeability and increase durability. Supercizer 1 does not contain calcium chloride, nitrates, nitrites or other potentially corrosive materials and is compatible with all standard concrete admixtures.


Supercizer 1 is compatible with all air-entraining admixtures, calcium chloride and other admixtures. When used with other admixtures, each one must be dispensed separately into the mix.


  • Item #95575: 1.75-lb water soluble bag, 24 bags per case, 25 cases per pallet
  • Item #95577: 1.1-kg water soluble bag, 20 bags per case, 25 cases per pallet
  • Item #95576: 50-lb paper bag, 40 bags per pallet
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