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Fritz-Pak always has something in their bag of tricks for each concrete application. I feel strongly that in this economy it is vital to get the word out to all parts of the concrete industry that Fritz-Pak products save loads.

Dominic Cardone, President, Concrete Impressionist

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01 Jun 2009

Super Air Plus Product Features

Super Air Plus is one of the easiest products to introduce at the jobsite. It is also a low dose product. As little as one 8-oz bag can correct the air content of an entire truckload by adding 2% entrained air.

Concrete producers know that entrained air protects concrete from damage in areas that experience repeated freezing and thawing conditions in the colder months. Typically, 6% entrained air content is required. However, not all producers are aware that ASTMC 94 Standards and Specifications for Concrete, Section 8, Air Entrainment, states that correction of air is allowed on the job site. Absolutely the easiest way to do this is with Super Air Plus, or our lower-strength product Air Plus.

Product Advantages:

Makes concrete more durable.
Enhances dispersion of integral colors.
Decreases bleed water.
Increases concrete workability for finishing.
Easy to use packaging: remove the outer bag, add inner bag to concrete in the drum, mix for 5-10 minutes.
Meets standards: ASTM C-260, AASHTO M-154, & CRD C-13.
On the approved lists of many state Depts. of Transportation.

Fritz-Pak Corporation is a member of the American Concrete Institute, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, the American Society of Concrete Contractors, including the Decorative Concrete Council, the American Concrete Pumping Association, and the International Packaged Concrete Manufacturer’s Association

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