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Fritz-Pak always has something in their bag of tricks for each concrete application. I feel strongly that in this economy it is vital to get the word out to all parts of the concrete industry that Fritz-Pak products save loads.

Dominic Cardone, President, Concrete Impressionist

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3 Oct 2007

New Product Now Available: Contractor-Pak

Imagine a world where the Concrete Contractor could fix his common concrete problems from the back of his truck. Now he can! Fritz-Pak is launching: The Contractor-Pak.

The Contractor-Pak gives the Concrete Contractor exactly the admixtures he needs to do his job on a daily basis. He has the same advantages at his fingers tips that Fritz-Pak's award-winning Rescue-Pak offers the Ready-Mix market. We can tell him:

Control your concrete pour from a box with Fritz-Pak's new Contractor-Pak.

The Contractor-Pak contains the following proven products: 4 Control Finish, 4 Mini Delayed Set, 4 Standard Delayed Set, 4 Supercizer 5, 4 Super Slump Buster, 4 Slick-Pak II.

  • Contractor-Pak admixtures are packaged in patented, water-soluble bags
  • Handy waterproof field guide and usage directions, Product Bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets are included
  • All products meet or exceed applicable ASTM standards
  • Everything comes in a waterproof, heavy-duty carrying case

Control Finish: a product of choice for concrete stampers. Mixed up in a sprayer, sprayed on lightly and trowelled in, Control Finish produces a high quality surface that is easy to finish and extremely durable. It makes stamping and the addition of color hardeners much easier. It avoids many common dry surface problems such as plastic shrinkage cracks, dusting, cracking and crazing.

Mini Delayed Set: would be used to retard the set of concrete for shorter delays. Since one bag of Mini Delayed Set retards one yard of concrete for about one hour the product is perfect for step retardation. It can be used for wash water stabilization when no washout is allowed at site.

Standard Delayed Set: buys major time when the ready mix truck has a long distance haul or when a delay of several hours occurs at site.

Supercizer 5: increases slump of concrete by 6" and provides a 25% water reduction. It is formulated to produce stronger, more durable concrete.

Super Slump Buster: permits controlled slump reduction, allowing placements on inclines or curbs while minimizing segregation.

Slick-Pak II: is well-known as a pump primer and pumping aid. Since it suspends all the particles in the mix, it is also extremely useful for enabling dry harsh mixes to exit the ready mix truck more easily and completely.

The Contractor Pak will be available for purchase on October 1, 2007.

Fritz-Pak Corporation is a member of the American Concrete Institute, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, the American Society of Concrete Contractors, including the Decorative Concrete Council, the American Concrete Pumping Association, and the International Packaged Concrete Manufacturer’s Association

For more information, contact David Ojeda, 1-888-746-4116,

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