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18 Dec 2006

Fritz-Pak and Tricosal Agree to Distribution Rights for Gypsum Retarder

Today, Fritz-Pak Corporation announces its new distributor agreement with German company Tricosal GmbH & Co. KG. Fritz-Pak has been awarded exclusive rights to distribute Gypsum Retarder (Retardan P) in North America, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It will be marketed as Fritz-Pak Gypsum Retarder.

Fritz-Pak Gypsum Retarder, being a synthetic material, is an important introduction to the North American Gypsum market because it is superior to any products currently used. The most obvious difference to users of Fritz-Pak Gypsum Retarder is that it has no unpleasant odor. The most common cause of worker complaints about currently used gypsum retarder products, which are made of animal parts, is the foul, pungent odor produced when gypsum is made. The performance of Fritz-Pak Gypsum Retarder is superior to the current products, so less retarder is required per ton of gypsum, making the transition to this product a cost-effective solution for gypsum companies. The same technical expertise available in Europe for many years will now be available in North America.

"We're very pleased with the arrangement and happy to be working with a company like Tricosal," said Gabriel Ojeda, President of Fritz-Pak. "We are thoroughly convinced of the quality and value of the product, and the integrity of company. A few major gypsum producers in Mexico and in the United States have already replaced the older animal-based retarders with Fritz-Pak Gypsum Retarder, and report great success. I expect other companies will follow as soon as they have the opportunity to test Fritz-Pak Gypsum Retarder. I would not put the Fritz-Pak name behind a product unless it was of superior quality."

Gypsum Retarder is a dry powdered admixture used for extending the set time of gypsum or gypsum-containing blended materials. It is an organic synthetic poly-oxy-methylene amino acid of high purity. It does not contain any carriers or extenders.

"The product is quite versatile," says Ditmar Jans, Export Director for Tricosal. "It has many applications: Building and machine applied plaster, stucco plaster, gypsum mortars and moulds, joint fillers, floor screeds, and even dental plaster."

Gypsum Retarder is packaged in 44-lb (20-kg) triple layered paper bags with inner polyethylene liner. Special packaging is available upon request.

Tricosal GmBH is a privately held company established in Illertissen, Germany. Its primary business is manufacturing of gypsum retarders and waterproofing products for the construction industry.

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