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6 Apr 2006

New Product: Slick-Pak Liquid

View our product bulletin and MSDS for this product.

This month Fritz-Pak Corporation will be introducing a new product called Slick-Pak Liquid. It is the newest addition to our pump primer product line, and the first to be offered in a liquid.

"For many years, our company has been known for packaging powdered admixtures in water-soluble bags," said President of Fritz-Pak, Gabriel Ojeda. "However, we recognize that there is a demand in the market for a liquid pump primer. The consumer can still expect the same level of quality and excellence that comes from using any of our products."

The advantages Slick-Pak Liquid offers to the concrete pumper are simplicity and convenience. Slick-Pak Liquid is packaged in 3 oz. plastic bottles with 36 bottles in a case. In comparison to Slick-Pak and Slick-Pak II which are packaged in 8 oz. bags, Slick-Pak Liquid is much smaller and lighter. The method for mixing is the same as Slick-Pak, however customers will notice faster and more even mixing with Slick-Pak Liquid.

"In terms of performance," said Gabriel, "we think of Slick-Pak Liquid as good, Slick-Pak as better, and Slick-Pak II as best. Our pricing of the product line reflects this."

Slick-Pak Liquid will begin shipping on April 17th. Contact your local distributor to place an order today.

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For more information, contact David Ojeda, 1-888-746-4116,

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