Fritz-pak Corporation

The return on investment using Fritz-Pak superplasticizers is priceless. It is a huge bang for the buck. I literally cannot imagine being in the concrete foundation business and not having and using these products daily. These products are reasonably priced and provide a huge benefit to for the concrete construction industry.

Lance Anderson, PE
Lance Anderson Construction, Inc.

Our Comittment to the Environment

In designing our new 31,000 square foot space, the carbon footprint has been reduced in a number of ways. It is a tilt-up concrete construction with stained and polished concrete floors throughout the office space. The building’s spatial orientation takes advantage of prevailing wind flow to promote forced air natural heating and cooling in the warehouse. Natural light floods the space due to the generous use of windows and interior glass panels in the office, and skylights in the warehouse, lessening our electricity requirements. Temperature loss is reduced through the use of Low E glass. Motion-sensor lights throughout the building further reduce energy waste.

The outside was designed following xeriscape practices, which is landscaping using native and other low-water use plants. Periodic droughts must be expected in our region of North Texas, so we have planned to consume much less water than the typical commercial landscaping current in the area.

Fritz-Pak has long taken an eco-friendly stance. All Fritz-Pak admixtures are bio-degradable, and many have applications that help with environmental compliance issues. Our production process of blending and packaging powdered admixtures requires no discharges into the water system. All of our boxes are made with recycled cardboard and paper that comes from sustainable harvested forests.

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