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Concrete Admixtures for Ready-Mix Producers

Ready-Mix producers can benefit from using Fritz-Pak Admixtures in different ways. Since they are powdered admixtures packaged in water soluble bags, Fritz-Pak Admixtures can be added to the mix at the plant, on the road, or at the jobsite. They are also pre-weighed so they can easily be dosed to the mix without much measuring. They can be used to correct slump, entrain air content, and alter set times of mixes that would otherwise be rejected. Our superplasticizers may also be used to achieve higher early strengths or as a water reducer. Fritz-Pak Admixtures are compatible with most admixtures and cement types.


If a mix that gets to a jobsite is too dry (low slump), a superplasticizer can be added to increase the slump. Using Supercizer 1 or Supercizer 5 will increase the slump without changing the set time. Using Supercizer 2 will extend the set time (recommended for warm weather applications). Supercizer 3 is better for cold weather applications. Using Supercizer 6 or Supercizer 7 will achieve ultra-high early strengths or maximum water reduction.

If a mix is too wet (high slump) because of a higher content of fine aggregates or the use of superplasticizers (not excess water), you can reduce the slump of concrete by adding Super Slump Buster. Super Slump Buster is a water thickener with temporary slump reducing effects. Eventually, the concrete will return to its original slump. Recommended for paving, curbing, or placing concrete at a slope.


A high content of entrained air is recommended for concrete that will be subject to freeze-thaw cycles. Air Plus and Super Air Plus will increase entrained air content by up to 2% and 7% respectively. Conversely, Air-Minus is a concrete and mortar defoamer that reduces entrained air. It is recommended for high-strength grouts, high-density concrete and high-strength concrete.


The use of set accelerators and retarders depends on jobsite conditions. Temperature, size of slab and placing crew, and application will determine whether it is better to increase or decrease set times. Fritz-Pak NCA is our non-chloride set accelerator that will not promote corrosion of steel or efflorescence. It can speed up set times by 1-3 hours. Standard Delayed Set and Mini Delayed Set are our set retarders. They are the same product in two different size bags (2-lb and 8-oz).


  • Slick-Pak II, a pumping aid.
  • Fill Flow, for the production of flowable fill or Controlled Low Strength Materials.
  • FR-1, a water reducer.
  • NS-7, a non-shrink grout fluidifier.
  • Rescue-Pak, a heavy-duty, watertight carrying case, containing 6 of our most effective admixtures proven to solve the most common problems in the field.

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