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Products for ICF Contractors

Three products to make your work easier

Supercizer 7

Supercizer 7 will reduce the incidence of blowouts. Adding Supercizer 7 makes concrete flowable without adding water. Use it in all forms, but especially in those containing rebar. Your concrete will pour in easily, filling all spaces. An added plus is that its use results in high early and ultimate strength of the concrete. Use one bag per yard of concrete.

Supercizer 7 is a high-range water reducing superplasticizer. It meets ASTM Standard C-494 Type G, AASHTO M-194 and CRD C-87. Like all Fritz-Pak concrete admixtures, it is packaged in patented inner water-soluble bags for easy addition at the job site. Superplasticizers may be added at the plant, but their effects may wear off before you pump, especially if there are delays in transit or on the job. For more information, see Fritz-Pak Product Bulletin #115.

Slick-Pak II

Most concrete for ICFs is pumped, and Slick-Pak II is the best pumping aid on the market. It is added directly to the concrete, where its patented ingredients modify the concrete to slide easily through the pump boom and end hose. Concrete containing Slick-Pak II will more easily slide into the concrete forms, reducing voids. It will increase the viscosity of the water in the concrete, reducing blow-outs and excessive seepage between forms. It is especially useful for harsh mixes. Typical dose is one bag per 4-5 yards of concrete.

Slick-Pak II is a patented pumping aid that has been in use for over ten years. It is an advanced formulation that has never been matched. Slick-Pak II can be used as a concrete pump primer as well as a pumping aid. For more information, see Fritz-Pak Product Bulletin #129.

Mini Delayed Set

Mini Delayed Set will slow down the set of concrete. There are many times when you may need it. In hot temperatures concrete sets faster, so you may want to plan on using Mini Delayed Set regularly in warm weather. It can save a load in the event of unexpected delays, for example a blow-out, an accident, or heavy traffic. One bag of Mini Delayed Set will delay the set of one yard of concrete for about one hour.

Mini Delayed Set is a set retarding admixture, in patented Fritz-Pak packaging. Commonly used by ready mix producers and concrete pumpers, it meets ASTM Standards C-494 Type D, AASHTO M-194 and CRD C-87. See Fritz-Pak Product Bulletin # 105, if desired.

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