Fritz-pak Corporation

Fritz-Pak occupies a unique niche where their pre-dosed, prepackaged user-friendly admixtures enable mix designs to be adjusted at job site and tweaked into specifications so projects are saved that would otherwise be scrapped at great expense.

Dominic Cardone, President, Concrete Impressionist

About Fritz-Pak

Fritz-Pak Corporation was established in Texas in 1998 from the acquisition of the Concrete Admixtures Division of Fritz Industries. The Fritz-Pak Corporation product line is the result of over forty years of experience in providing products that enable the concrete producer to save money while improving concrete quality and performance. Our high performance powdered admixtures are packaged in patented Fritz-Pak water-soluble bags. Small enough to be carried in the cabs of ready mix trucks, this revolutionary product allows our high performance concrete admixtures to be dosed anywhere. All bags are pre-measured to help avoid mistakes in the field and reduce lost loads. This one-step method is cost-effective because it saves time, provides quality control and eliminates the need for messy clean up. Fritz-Pak Corporation will continue to develop and refine new and existing products to better serve the construction industry.

Product History

Extensive research resulted in the development and patenting of the use of water-soluble Fritz-Pak bags for dispensing admixtures. The first materials packaged using this new method were Mini Delayed-Set and Standard Delayed-Set for controlling the set of concrete and overnight stabilization of wash water from ready mix operations. After the successful introductions of these products, admixtures such as air entrainers, water reducers and superplasticizers were added to the line. Further research led to the development and patenting of Slick-Pak and Slick-Pak II to be used as concrete pump primers and pumping aids. Slick-Pak has become a world standard for priming concrete pumps. Recent products include Counter-Flo, our award winning countertop admixture, and Rescue-Pak, winner of the Most Innovative Product for 2003.

Our Products & Customers

Ready Mix Producers

Our full line of admixtures including Superplasticizers, Retarders, Accelerators, Slump Changing Admixtures, Air Entrainers/Detrainers is available to Ready Mix Producers for easy plant or job site addition.

Construction Contractors

Benefit from using Superplasticizers for easier placement of concrete and for high early strengths of concrete. Delayed set is commonly used by flooring/stamping contractors to allow placement of concrete during hot weather and to increase efficiency by using the Step Retardation Technique. Fritz-Pak makes some products especially for contractor use such as Control Finish (finishing aid), Expo-Rock for producting of exposed aggregates, and our new countertop admixture Counter-Flo.

Pre-Cast Manufacturers

They are users of Superplasticizers for development of high early strengths to allow them to reuse their forms more frequently. Producers of thin-wall products, such as concrete burial vaults, benefit from superplasticizers because the higher slump materials flow better in the forms and produce smoother finish products.

Concrete Pumpers

Use Slick-Pak and Slick-Pak II as pump aids and primers. Mini-Delayed set is used by many concrete pumpers to delay setting of concrete in the hoppers and pipelines during the times when concrete is not being pumped.

Dry Mix Products Manufacturers

Use bulk admixtures to incorporate in their formulations of concrete, grouts, mortars, repair products, shotcrete. We provide confidential assistance in formulation and development of new dry products.

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